700 meters from the astonishing Saint Prokopios beach, upon one of Stelida’s hills, nature has created a place of exceptional beauty. Cedar trees, granite stones and in the golden-blue horizon lies the breathtaking Naxian coast line with all of its famous beaches. Saint Prokopios and Saint Anna beach, Plaka beach, Orkos and Mikri Vigla beach…

At this unique place we have built Naxian Collection. So close from Naxos hot spots but still away enough to keep for our guests a precious isolation and serenity.

Raised up in Naxos we have inherited from our families, whose history goes back on the island in the 15th century, the love for our homeland and the appreciation of all the things that Naxian nature and environment give to its habitants so generously. Having these values as an inspiration, we tried to create a place as an integral part of Naxos Culture and at the same time to provide to our guests all modern luxuries.

All Naxian Villas are built according to Naxos-Cycladic architectonic style. Most of the materials are local, natural, such as the famous Naxian marble, granite, stone and wood. The white and light blue colors are reflecting the golden rays of Aegean light. In our open spaces flows the refreshing Aegean breeze. Everything simple. Everything clear. Like the rythms of Naxian life. 

This spectacular surrounding is matched by the unique living spaces inside of the Villas where easy comfort and luxury are combined. All premium villas and suites are equipped with modern facilities such as private pools, sea view terraces, Jacuzzi bathtubs or private Hamam and espresso coffee machines.

Hospitality is an integral part of Naxian culture and for us a major concern. In this spirit we have committed ourselves to provide to our gueststhe holiday of their dreams. This is our goal, this is our dream and your smile at the end of your stay is for us the best reward.

This is Naxian Collection. A place where culture of Naxos is combined with modern luxury and along with it our eagerness and zeal to provide you the best possible stay on Naxos island!

You are all most welcome!

Ioannis, Maria, Julianna.