Step into the enchanting world of Zagara Wolf, a new brand that encapsulates the essence of Mediterranean ancestral traditions, entirely crafted from earth.  

Rooted in the heart of Andros, —an island of enigma, teeming with captivating contradictions and tantalizing textures nestled among the radiant gems of the Greek Cyclades - the botanical cosmetic brand - Zagara Wolf - came to life.

It's from this bountiful and productive land that we source our potent plant to produce our extracts and rich macerations, infusing our certified products with the very essence of a land where tales of the past effortlessly intertwine with the present.

Zagara Wolf initiates its journey with solid soap, yet retains the liberty to craft diverse cosmetics based on sparks of inspiration brought by nature.

Commencing with the time-honored practice of cold process soapmaking, an ancestral technique that entails the fusion of vegetable oils and a low-temperature solution. This gentle process helps to preserve the natural nutrients, vitamins, and beneficial properties present in the oils which are advantageous for the skin's well-being.

In an era that compels us to reconsider our consumption patterns, when each moment is invaluable, and the call to reintegrate with nature resonates more profoundly than ever within our cadence, the opportune occasion emerges to pause and infuse our day-to-day beauty rituals with a sense of ceremony. It's a chance to reestablish a profound connection with our multifaceted nature, embracing both its light and shadow.

Amidst it all, Zagara Wolf arises as a testament to this awakening. It embodies the fusion of authentic mastery and efficacy, crafted from the realization that the time for such a venture is now.

“I have to be grateful to the nature of Andros that has inspired me profoundly in the years. Zagara Wolf is my love letter to Andros, a true lifestyle, a gentleness of living that pushes even further the concept of slow life. It's that necessity, like an instinct, to observe nature in its original setting.

To contemplate and assimilate its strength, its rhythm. To take pleasure in seeing a plant grow and letting it reveal itself, unfold, offer its scents, and its botanical properties.

It's benefiting from this richness, extracting the best virtues with simple and ancestral gestures without alteration, preserving the most original state possible with fascination and deep respect for nature, that makes the whole adventure a profound one. In the end, presenting the world with a premium product that fuses expertise with elegance preserving the essential authenticity – much like a natural harmonious circle – and dedicating it  to enchanting our beauty and well-being, is what Zagara Wolf it is all about.”