I was born in Piraeus. I come from a family of goldsmiths, so the first contact with jewelry came very early. Having a great love and appeal for the arts I decided to deal with design and jewelry crafting.

Therefore I studied in MOKUME school and graduated in 2001. I have attended gemology seminars in BEP and courses in diamond setting in Galileo school, in collaboration with the faculty of the diamond setting of Cyprus.

In 2001 I took part in a nationwide contest of e.l.k.a. jewelry design, winning the first prize. During 2001-2002 I worked for a large jewelry manufacturing workshop as an exclusive designer.

Since 2004 I have been constantly taking part in the exhibitions ‘Gold-Silver’ and ‘Modern Creations’. In 2013 and 2014 I created two jewelry collections for a well-known company with a large branch network in Greece and abroad. 

I also have two collections in the shop of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Since 2003, I operate my own workshop where I design and manufacture jewelry made of gold 750 and silver 925. Using exclusively hand tools, without absolutely no cast, helps me making all of my work from the beginning without any restrictions and forms.

Features of my work are perforated patterns, which I craft wire by wire like a puzzle, romantic elements in modern lines, femininity, all sorts of wings.. are my favorite… and of course, a wide range of colors combined precious and semi-precious stones of exceptional quality.