Born in Greece (the land of 6000 islands) and raised on the beach, our founders conceived the idea of Sun of a Beach in the summer of 2011 while sunbathing in Mykonos.

Ιt was then when they realized that beach towels took up the most “real estate” on beaches everywhere and decided to look at/approach the quintessential summer item from a fresh angle. The seed was planted and in June 2012, the Sun of a Beach brand was brought into the world.

The first Sun of a Beach towel was created and an important promise was given - that all products were to be handmade and locally produced in Greece.

We are a kaleidoscope of inspiration that welcomes anybody that loves the beach.

The beach towel may be at the heart of our business but we continue to evolve, constantly coming up with new ideas that embody elements from Greece and the Mediterranean, as well as far away tropical destinations.

Since our first launch, many collections have come and gone and many new products have been added. 

The one thing that has remained constant, however is that the beach is our ultimate canvas, always inspiring us to create summer items that go beyond fashion and support a lifestyle that celebrates relaxation.