Take a part of Thermae Sylla at home with you and continue to benefit from its natural treasures. Thermae Sylla is delighted to announce that all the products which are prepared by our team and used in our spa therapies can be purchased at the spa for personal use, representing an ideal take-home gift of health.

Enter into a world of fabulous treatments that will detoxify, revitalize and heal you in a variety of ways. The best in massages, facials, body wraps, fitness classes and personalized programs are waiting for you.

Wrap yourself with health and good vibes, strengthened by the beneficial curative spring waters of Thermae Sylla. These body treatments and wraps will bring about a variety of health benefits, from relaxation to rejuvenation. Let our therapists help you decide which treatment is best for you!

Your face is being assaulted on a daily basis by a number of factors including sunlight, air pollution, sweat and dirt, adding years to your appearance and tiring you out. Daily worries and stresses also affect the face negatively. These superior facials and treatments will make your face healthier, younger and fresher than ever.