Pureshop company welcomes you to a brand new world of beauty and health!

Equipped with our knowledge in the areas of chemistry, dermatology, pharmaceutical technology and ecology,and our valuable dowry of traditional health and beauty practices, along with our appeal to innovation, we have proceeded to the creation of a series of pure handmade soaps. Soaps that are based solely on olive oil and its beneficial qualities to people.

Pureshop pioneers using exclusively fresh non-treated extra virgin Messinian olive oil in its products.

Pureshop is engaged in  the production and trade of handmade soap with extra virgin olive oil.

The company was founded in 2011 by Ioulia Marini  and Christina Kampouri, two young pharmacists, who at the beginning of their professional career chose to be in the production field.

Instigator and creator of the project is Aristides Marinis,a dermatologist, who after years of research discovered the basic saponification formula, creating the prototype soap'Simple Pure', trademark of the company.

Pureshoph as its ownfully equipped production workshop.

The workshop is located in Kyparissia at Messina  (Peloponnese, Greece) where extra virgin olive oil, used by Pureshop as a base for all its products, is being produced.

The company's basic principle places focus on local production, having as a primary goal the creation of a series of products with the unique properties of extra virgin olive oil derived from the Messinian land. 


  • The creation of hand made products, with no  additional synthetic ingredients.
  • The production of goods with extra virgin Messinian olive oil and natural ingredients derived from plants available in the Greek nature.
  • The selection and usage of solely pure raw material.
  • Preservation of the policy of respect and honesty towards the consumer.
  • Constant amelioration of products and services.
  • Environment friendly policy; usage of recyclable package materials.  

Against animal testing