OPEN COSMETICS is a Greek manufacturing company, founded in 1985 by chemist Dimitris Sofronas, situated in the industrial zone of Ano Liosia area, in Athens. The company produces a wide variety of products for the care of the body, face, hand and hair, such as shower gels, shampoos, hand liquid soaps, hair conditioners and hair masks, hand creams, body lotions, suntan creams, oils and emulsions and also, body, face and eye creams. In accordance with, recognized national and international institutes, dermatological and microbiological tests are conducted during all stages of production, in order to ensure the stability and the safety of our products. Open Cosmetics applying a Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified and follows the new guidelines of GMP. Upon the successful launch in 2009 of our cosmetic line “Open Cosmetics” ( http://www.open-cosmetics.gr/), the company introduced in 2014 a new line, “Messinian Spa” (http://www.messinianspa.gr/), for consumers searching for more natural products. The company is located in a newly built factory, which is situated in the industrial zone of Ano Liosia area, in Athens. The factory is equipped with the latest equipment and uses the most contemporary methods for the production of cosmetic products.

Our company is committed to producing professional, natural, innovative, everyday and specialized, high quality cosmetics. Furthermore, OPEN COSMETICS provides its customers with its premium quality products by using multiple distribution channels in order to meet their needs; wholesale dealers and stores, beauty and cosmetic stores, beauty and hair salons, the tourist market and super market chains.
As for our B2B clients, we guide them through all the steps of creating our products, from the development of the product, the formulation, the manufacturing and the packaging, to the production process.

Research and Development
Our R&D team of chemists keeps up to date with the newest ingredients and latest consumer trends. The aim of our product development is to create advanced and improved products with innovative applications. Our R&D Department is well equipped and is constantly trying to offer the most beneficial solutions that fit to all our customers' needs.

Private Labeling
Open Cosmetics is also specialized in providing private labeling, of premium quality natural or professional products. We have the experience and resources to produce a wide range of cosmetic products, since we already produce more than 100 privatelabel products.