ARIADNE is a Greek-born concept of high-end skin care products that pushes the science of beauty to a completely new level by studying the genetic origins of skin problems such as aging. Our target is to formulate products with advanced trans-epidermal delivery systems in order for the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and work at the cellular level, to provide the essential cell nutrients your skin requires to function properly and rebuild cell health.

Products are carefully formulated to contain the very best pioneering patented bio-actives. A wide range of innovative plant extracts, certified effective essential oils, bioactive ingredients, activators of youth proteins, DNA repair factors, cell communicating ingredients, liquid crystal emulsifiers and specially designed natural fragrances consist a breakthrough of multifunction formulations in skin care.



WHY NATURAL? The most important advantage of the natural ingredients is that they enhance the skin’s natural function by working in synergy with it. Goddess nature has an uncountable knowledge to be inspired by. The key is to observe, conduct research and formulate. These help your skin to build the perfect cell, which is healthy, energetic and working at its optimal level, in order to reflect the inner skin’s health and convert it into beauty. ARIADNE’s corporate vision is to produce beauty products that will make your skin feel revived and refreshed in the short term and remain healthy and youthful in the long term.

Our symbol: The myrtle flower, an evergreen, fine specimen of nature, symbolizing eternal youth and radiant beauty. The flower is drawn in the form of the thread which was used by mythological princess Ariadne.

Nature, Mythology and Mediterranean Greece, all captured in one everlasting and eternal symbol.