The visual artist, Christos Efstathiou, poses through his work fundamental questions, providing his audience stimuli for consideration. His paintings depict the artist's personal truth, bear his stamp and reflect through their really impressive immediacy the cult personality of their creator. 
Influenced by Yannis Moralis' form geometry, Christos Efstathiou presents a different, absolutely personal universe, with passion, sensitivity and ingenuity, reflecting the prevailing trends in modern art, viewed though a surreal, immediate and intrusive perspective. 
Some of his works, belonging to the several thematic units that he has worked on from time to time, such as "People's time", "Frequencies", "Reconstruction"and "Profile", have been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Greece (An-art, Neandros etc.) as well as abroad (Denmark, Britain), receiving a great response of the art-loving audience. In Andros, his much loved birthplace, the artist maintains his private atelier. This year, he exhibits a new collection of artworks, presented to the audience for the first time. 
Based on his own abstract and minimal artistic style in order to express his messages and thoughts, he composes wistfully a world, addressing directly the spectator's soul. 
Christos Efstathiou is a new generation artist whose art, creativity and aesthetic have already created sensation and drawn the attention of the artistic audience and whose work has received positive reviews and has been cited in the international press. 
Transcendence, existence, movement, happiness, anxiety, emotions, love, passion and senses are his favorite subjects, illustrated in his works through relief figures in paintings and constructions. 
Geometric forms, made of cables and displayed on canvas, ink drawings on paper, constructions, oil paintings and sculptures with a surrealistic flavor invite their spectators to a journey in a fantasy world. 
His works are to be found in the Athens Concert Hall, in the Artshop in Goulandris' Museum of Contemporary Art in Andros, in the Michalarias' Art Gallery in Kiffisia, Athens, as well as in private collections.