Located in the very heart of the Byzantine castle citadel of Monemvasia, one finds an oasis of high class luxury, second to none.

Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites welcomes guests throughout the year to experience firsthand, the sumptuous surroundings and stunning sea views from their private balconies. Our service goes hand in hand within this majestic fabled setting. Furnished with an eclectic mix of high end Italian design, antiques and timeless craftsmanship, each suite has been crafted with exquisite stone, marble and wooden beams. Marble fireplaces adorn each unit for that extra note of local tradition not to mention the spacious and luxurious bathrooms with the Amazonian Jacuzzi jet and chromo therapy shower units.

A visit to the Chrisovoulo Gourmet Restaurant & Café – Bar is a must. Savour signature dishes from the awarded Chef Michaelis Dounetas, who will give due credit to both traditional Greek dishes and contemporary cuisine, all made with the very best ingredients that Laconia has on offer.

Moni Emvasis Luxury Suites will grant you an oneiric experience that will simply leave you wanting for more.