''I have been designing and doing business in the field of tailor/custom-made jewels for more than 20 years. I have always loved jewels. One of the first words that I ever said was ‘lilikia’, meaning ‘earrings’! I made my first jewel when I was only 4 years old.

I opened my first workshop just after completing my studies in Gold and Silversmithing. I feel blessed for being able to transform my love for the art of jewel making into a profession and I still sit on my workbench with the exact same joy and creative longing that I felt the very first day.

I consider the art of creation of vital importance, as it is the quintessence of my being. Needless to say, my job goes hand in hand with creativity and aesthetics.

I insist on expressing myself in an imaginative way through everything that pertains to good taste.

Every single day I seek inspiration in all the little things, the simple joyful moments of life. Every jewel design takes ‘body and soul’ in my own hands, after all, and the joy of creation is what I call bliss.

So, I am happy that the profession I chose will always be connected to happiness.

The birth of a baby, his/her baptism, a love affair is sealed with a unique engagement ring, a wedding, an anniversary, or another festive happy occasion:

I am lucky to share all these happy moments with people who trust me and ask me to co-design with them, in order to manufacture a piece of jewelry exclusively for themselves!

I regard every custom jewel as a one-of-a-kind and special creation since I deliver it only upon request and every single one of them has an awesome story to tell.

I believe that jewels are works of art that we can actually wear, enjoy, and make us feel beautiful.''