1. What's the ''city lights'' concept? Tell us more about it.

All the products are designed and manufactured by me, so the 'city lights' concept is about handmade lights, which are mostly made with everyday life’s objects and tools (f.e hangers)

2.Are you optimist about the situation in Greece today?

Absolutely YES. Believing strongly that we will surely overcome this crisis, like we use to do with every kind of problem we had over the past centuries.

3.What are the difficulties a young interior designer has to face today in this country?

Globalisation. Market is not the same as it used to be, let's face it. People these days prefer a quick solution when they decide to buy anything, so they resort to multi-ethnic stores. You have to be original, creative and genuine to ''conquer'' the consumers.

4.What's your inspiration?

I design based on different aspects of our everyday life, childhood memories, clothes designers etc. So, it's like combining the past and modern art. Voilà: we have the 'city lights' project!

5.Your next business goals are..?

I want to have the opportunity the people to get to know my work firstly in national level and then why not internationally. 

6. Where we can see your work?

You can reach me at my page on Facebook CiTy Lights Project or my websitewww.ctlights.gr , at Homad stores, at Zonalight and Area Domus.. Of course nothing is set in stone. Impersonally make the lights, so I can take private orders and I am open to new ideas, feel free to contact me and ask me anything you want.

7.The best things in life...are?

I would say 'life' itself. it's the greatest gift human kind. We get to enjoy it’s pleasures like as a simple walk, hand by hand with a person you love or eating something tasty or in our case, appreciate a good piece of art! I can see light in every of these moments of my Life. .

8.Finally..What is Greece to you? Is only the sea, the sun, the food, or something bigger than that?

Greece is a “Bright” idea. An idea of what life is. Our ancestors discovered that and this is why the notion of democracy, philosophy, poetry etc have their roots back in Ancient Greece.I think we still provide the world with great values and it is something that foreign people respect and appreciate. We survived the fall and now it's a light in the horizon...