1. When did you have the idea of your excellent food brand?

I ‘ve always been fond of good food. As a frequent traveller, I am always in search of delicious local flavours. Unfortunately, barely a few lived up to my expectations so far  compared to my traditional tasteful experiences.

In addition, paying visits to the best delicatessen shops all over central Europe, left me disappointed by the fact that very few Greek products were on their shelves -and often- of bad taste. This fact inspired my husband and me to create and proudly promote our Greek delicacies abroad under the brand name EON, going back 18 months from now.

2.  How hard it was at the beginning?

Every new start is of uncertain outcome. It’s an experiment, thus difficult.

At first, it was beyond our power. But the more difficult the target is, the more excited you get, the biggest challenge it becomes. Relied exclusively on private sources, with no help but barriers from country’s lack of uniform policy- it ‘s been- and still is- very difficult.

Through strict schedule along with thorough and persistent work for long hours, I visualize the outcome and get prepared to welcome the next wonderful thing that will happen. However, I’m still at the beginning..

But once my target is accomplished, I feel relieved, rewarded but not complacent.
3. Do you think that people from abroad have started to understand the values of the Greek cuisine?

Not really. In my opinion, people from abroad think that Greek souvlaki and Mousaka is all about Greek cuisine. So, once they come to Greece, we empower this perception of them by serving them what they expected. Therefore, we don’t share with them the richness of Greek land, its unique flavours and its amazing delicacies that can so wisely do wonders for their health. We miss the chance of indulging them into our Greek cuisine  wonder-world.

4. What are the advantages of your products?

EON products proudly represent the Greek culinary creativity at its best.

They are produced with responsibility, respect to the rich Greek land and environment and above all, love.  We use the best of crops sourced locally for each of our EON flavours series. They are healthy and safe for all ages. 100% natural, without preservatives, no additives, no colourings.

 5. Do you see any light in the end of the tunnel in Greece of crisis?

On condition that we all realize the necessity of know the self and change ourselves, our behavior and our attitude based on fundamental human values, there is a flood light ahead of Greece, not just a light.

6. What steps we should take as a nation, in order to share everywhere our fine food products?

It’s a common sense that we need to change. First step is self-awareness. We need to know better what we ''know''. Through introspection, to find out more about our history, our geography, our tradition, our values. The potential of our area. Second step, is acceptance. We need to accept ourselves and our knowledge. Be open to our reality, be open to other people’s reality.

 As a third step we should convert our experience into useful  knowledge.                   

Meaning, to make good use of all these so as to create our product.

 Because, we are our products.

 We are to blame if this goes wrong.

To sum up, we need to be re-educated. All over again.

7. Your next business goals?

My first goal is to stabilize my presence and relationships with my partners and customers in current markets and reinforce them.

Then, expand to new markets. Listen to their needs and try to offer solutions. Even if, in some cases their needs are not identified yet, through discussion we might lead to that.