1.Your collection is excellent. What's your inspiration?

I'm in love with things from the past, such as music, objects, old arts like the one I used, the crochet. In order to choose my materials - yarns, laces, beads- I indulge myself in that era, when everything was in a more simple, more romantic mood.

I love the sea and my island Paros. Being there, starring at the deep blue of the sea, raises beautiful thoughts. The daily, simple scenery, such as a peaceful walk by the sea or a relaxing melody influences me and reflects upon my work, which is not oriented to impressive or "gross" artworks. All the above mentioned, also result in me working even harder till the result is the one that satisfies me.

2.You run your own bussiness in the middle of crisis. How does it feel?

 It is no secret that being an entrepreneur at the moment of speaking in Greece, is really hard. You have to fight hard, on your own, with no support from official authorities and succeeding is the only choice if you are not willing to immigrate.

Hopefully, being committed to working passionately and persistently, bringing fresh ideas into action, receiving acceptance and love from people around us, we will be able to establish a new era.

3.What is Greece to you?

Greece is my home. I was born here and despite the difficult financial situation in which we have been lately, I still have faith in things getting better. Above all,  Greece is its sea and the tavern tables by the sea, its old music melodies that I love, hoping that there will come a day when we will honor our ancestors by our own actions as their worthy followers.

4.Tell us more about the ''Tulupani'' project as well as your Bridal line and jewellery.

 My collection consists of three parts:

Elegant jewellery made of high quality yarns practicing the crochet technique. Chic, abstract, though contemporary could very well characterize my work. 

I combine yarns with other elements, such as crystals, ceramic or pearls achieving to offer a timeless jewel in a sense of a crochet piece of art.

My bridal collection is an exquisite, sewn by hand line which suggests unique accessories to women who want to wear something special and elegant on this very special day of their life. Veils, wreaths, hair accessories, are parts of a special bridal collection, all made of fine laces, yarns, crystals and tulles selected and carefully sewn by hand. In some of them I have mixed different techniques and materials in order to create accesories even more ethereal, luxurious, romantic and contemporary at the same time.

Tulupani is a line that includes crochet casual and statement pieces. Here you can find my special piece Medousa, a statement with many different fabrics so as to use it or wear in many ways from day to night. In addition, it includes beanies, scarfs, neckwarmers and other accessories.
Tulupani itself, is an accessory made of very thin fabric that our ancient used so as to make their tunics of and also a fabric that was and still is being used while cooking until nowadays.

I loved this word at first sight, in a history book about ancient costumes and I decided to use it in my work. Although it  has a roustic sense, I gave it a chic and contemporary meaning through my work and my pieces.
All lines are a combination of the old with the new uniqueness paired with simplicity, elegant and stylish pieces of art, addressed to equally elegant women, fond of the minimal and timeless style.

5.Your next business goals are.....?

Hope that my work will be established as timeless art, a combination of contemporary art with special and unique handmade pieces while people that get to know it can appreciate it.