ma.beez is a vertically integrated operation, its activities spanning the entire process from beekeeping to the production of cosmetics from the primary products of the beehive.
It has a strict ethical position on apicultural practices and the production of cosmetics, respectful of both the bee and the natural environment.
ma.beez beekeeping: The primary product of the beehive which “ma.beez” trades in is propolis. This product is collected from screens placed under the lid of the hive.
In 2017 we commenced the production propolis tablets. We separate the propolis to the highest possible degree from the beeswax it contains and transform it into tablets which we, then, cover in a very fine layer of icing sugar to prevent them
sticking to each other. Each package contains 50 tablets with a net weight of 13,6g
ma.beez cosmetics: We use our knowledge of the beneficial properties of the products of the beehive to produce cosmetics, considering that their application as direct contact toiletries is of immediate benefit to the skin.

ma.beez cosmetics are designed for people who trust the wisdom of nature and the essential philosophical premise of their production is not to deviate from these natural properties. Their preparation involves a very generous use of the beneficial substances that we take from the bees (royal jelly, honey, beeswax, propolis) and the Greek natural flora the bees serve.

Our laboratory is accredited by the Greek Medicines Organization (EOF).
Our production processes follow the EU Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 and the international ISO 22716:2007 for the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)