Danai Giannelli lives in Athens Greece, where she also grew up & she had a flair for art and aesthetics since the early days of her life. Her studies in Administration and International Business gave her a successful career in Marketing for about 10 years.

She is an almost self-taught jewelry designer and her work has been picked by Vogue Greece, British Vogue magazine and Vogue Talents in Vogue Italia.

The two materials she mostly uses are gold and silver, alone or combined with precious & semi-precious stones and colored cords, on jewelry made with the Lost Wax technique.

Danai presented her work at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, in Nov. 2017, together with 26 other Greek Jewelry designers and she has participated with her exclusive creations, at the exhibition “Ex-votos – Talismans – Spells” at Gallery Marneri, in Athens in 2014-2015, where her work is still showcased.  She also has a longtime cooperation with the Museum of Cycladic Art, which is also based in Athens.

The essence of her work can be expressed in three words: natural light & colors.

Her creations express a passion for diachronic simplicity and relaxed luxury, while her inspiration comes from symbols, images & shapes of nature, past eras and also unique heirlooms of her family and their story.

The fine & delicate, but at the same time strong form of each piece and its special details, disclose the purity & truth the designer sees in things around her and the unique beauty she finds in «imperfection» and asymmetry.

A lover of light and colors, a time traveler and a passionate creator of only what moves her, she designs collections that are different to each other, but at the same time, exude perfect harmony as a whole and all her personal designing characteristics.

Danai’s Showroom

DG Handmade Jewelry Showroom is located in Athens, Greece.
It is a space created with high aesthetics, lots of natural light and the aura of the designerʼs personal style and warmth to offer her customers the experience of a prive’ connection with the brand.