Bijoux Bizarres’ heroines have always been extraordinary women living in an ordinary world. Modern Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra and Theodora narrate their own stories of passion, strength, pride, vanity & drama, exactly like the extravagant personas of their Mediterranean heritage. They just live in blocks of flats and usually have a ‘9 to 5’ job. But the bottom line is similar.

Panos Kardasis, the concept developer behind ‘bijoux bizarres’, never imagined these women as skinny, bland girls. As a result of this, a fashion shooting of his recent ‘queens’ collection proved to be mission impossible, at least until he realized that only real women could be the models of ‘mythical jewellery for real people’.

An archaeologist, a lawyer, a tutor & academic writer and a talented musician in their forties, agreed to be part of this fashion project, where Anna Mandreka, fashion stylist, beautifully combined boho clothes with not-that-minimal jewellery: gold-plated silver headbands, small tiaras, combs and large brooches for coats, pashminas, turban hats and clutch bags. Kostis Sohoritis, portrait & commercial photographer, needed no longer than 30 minutes to find the real divas in his models, who gloriously proved that bijoux bizarres ‘queen’ pieces were indeed designed for them!

‘Bijoux Bizarres’ participate in ‘A Jewel Made in Greece’ artistic jewellery exhibition (Euro-Parliament, Brussels) with 8 magnificent 'queens' brooches. ‘Queens’ are also at 'The Monospace', Notting Hill, London, with the entire headpieces collection.

‘Queens’ jewellery is available on order and can be made ‘sur-measure’ for bridal hair and other special applications (