Introducing Fidias Hotel in Piraeus

ANAKTAE captures the essence of anticipation

A port is a place of opportunistic transition, that first step towards unknown adventures in far-flung destinations. In their newest architecture venture, ANAKTAE has harnessed the powerful energy of movement with Fidias Hotel. Located in the historic, bustling Greek port of Piraeus, Fidias is a love letter to anticipation.

Already well-established in the world of architecture, interior, and furniture design, this is ANAKTAE’s first foray into the world of urban hospitality, and a natural extension of their roots. They have undertaken a holistic approach to constructing and curating Fidias Hotel, thoughtfully bringing their neo-archaic aesthetic to the light and airy space, including through custom-made furniture. 

Spread across six floors, each of the twenty-four rooms is a temporary passage for the traveler on the go. The functional design draws inspiration from its close proximity to Piraeus port and the steady arrival and departure of the ferries. The walls are papered in undulating cerulean waves that resemble amphorae; waves are again found in the sculptural wooden paneling of reception; the brass and plaster light fixtures glow softly, like the light emerging from a porthole window. That unique shade of Grecian blue - a color that has inspired countless artists and writers - is found throughout the space, punctuated by warm orange hues that bring to mind Mediterranean sunsets. 

For most foreign travelers, Piraeus is just a one-night stand before the real love affair with the Greek islands can begin. With a humorous wink to the eternal wanderer, none of the closets have doors, emphasizing the transience of travel.

Vintage travel posters of the Greek islands from the 1960s and 1970s hang on the walls, offering a taste of what is to come the following morning. 

“We want Fidias to be a step on a journey you have long dreamed of, that is now coming true,” said Dianna Karvounis and Vivian Philippa, the founding partners of ANAKTAE. “Like just before you enter a ship’s cabin - it foreshadows what is to come.” 


ANAKTAE is a design studio founded by industrial designer Dianna Karvounis and architect Vivian Philippa. Based in Athens, Greece, the studio works across architecture, interiors, and product design.

Mining their ancient Greek heritage for inspiration, ANAKTAE’s work is defined by a neo-archaic aesthetic that draws a line between the classical and contemporary. On the cusp between art and design, the studio’s smaller objects are sold in major museums and cultural foundations worldwide. 

PIRAEUS is the main port of Athens, servicing the Saronic, Cycladic, and Dodecanese islands, as well as Crete.

Each year, an estimated 30 million foreign tourists pass through Greece; a good number of them stop in Piraeus before continuing on their travels.

In recent years, Piraeus has witnessed an explosion of creative energy and is emerging as a cultural destination in its own right, with galleries, restaurants, studios, and shops that are all worth visiting.




Project: Fidias Hotel

Site: Piraeus, Greece

Architects: ANAKTAE, Vivian Philippa & Dianna Karvounis 

Area: 150 m2/floor

Year: 2021-22

Photographs: Lefteris Siarapis

Furniture Design:  Dianna Karvounis, Vivian Philippa

Interior Design:  Dianna Karvounis, Vivian Philippa

Supervision: Vivian Philippa, Dianna Karvounis