​​​​​​Today, we embark on a journey into the world of business leadership, guided by the indomitable spirit of a visionary woman who has not only shattered glass ceilings but has also paved the way for others to follow suit.

Our guest is not defined by conventional norms. She is an architect of her own success story, constructing bridges between dreams and reality. 

  1. How did you start the brand?

-We started with a strong impulse to create something "useful". After the initial desire and thought each small step led to the next and fueled us with faith and confidence.

The idea for AEGLI-PREMIUM ORGANICS was based on the fact that we are entitled to use pleasant and effective cosmetic products without sacrificing these features on the altar of safety. 

The brand's goal is to create organic cosmetics that do not contain any contaminated chemicals, have a natural fragrance, texture and application that is in line with the demands of modern daily life.

But the broader goal is to support the global need for clean beauty, sustainability and more conscious care of our body, environment and soul. 

Aegli was the daughter of the god Asclepius in ancient Greece and symbolized the radiance and beauty that comes from good health and this is the epitome of "holistic"!

Aegli's products have the following "purity" criteria, which are the ones that make it the first Greek totally clean beauty brand:

- Organic with organic ingredients certified by the international COSMOS standard- Vegan throughout their production process

- Cruelty Free certified by the international organization LEAPING BUNNY INTERNATIONAL

- Gluten Free suitable for people suffering from celiac disease

- Clean Ocean sunscreens certified by the CCMAR International Centre for Marine Sciences, for zero harm to the marine ecosystem, corals and all types of marine organisms

- Pregnancy approved suitable for the reproductive phase, pregnancy and breastfeeding

- Free of essential oils, artificial fragrances and colours

- Dermatologically tested and suitable for oily, sensitive or atopic skin

- With formulations that are completely clean and environmentally friendly

- Free of substances implicated in skin allergies, respiratory problems, effects on the hormonal, reproductive, nervous and immune systems, the environment and the oceans

- With eco-friendly recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials from glass, wood, green plastic from sugar cane and FSC certified paper

- Produced exclusively in Greece with a continuous effort to constantly seek new ways to reduce the energy footprint

2. If you want to build your network in the beauty industry, but don’t know anyone, where should you start?

-Several years of research, study, studies related to beauty, cosmetology and entrepreneurship, meetings and opinions from important people in the field of beauty and business preceded the establishment of the company.

We studied the needs of the consumer as shaped by changing global trends and at the same time followed our instincts in relation to what brings us joy.

The biggest challenge was our project itself and I think the biggest obstacle was the lack of consumer education on corresponding perfectly "clean" cosmetics.

Until recently very little of the consumer audience was geared towards 100% organic, vegan, no animal testing and generally "clean" daily care products. So at the same time as promoting the product, there was a need to educate the consumer on a new way of sustainable self-care.

From the very beginning we had faith in our goal, the willingness to look far ahead, a lot of professional experience and a very strong team - with executives already very successful in their individual fields - elements that all together provided from the very first moment the confidence that things can be done!

I would say to every young person who wants to be involved in "business" to have a very good knowledge of the subject he wants to develop, of his market and studies on entrepreneurship, which is essential in the very demanding times we live in.

3. What do you wish you’d known when first looking for funding for your business?

-The journey to sustainable beauty seems magical from the start and continues to be so every step of the way. But the difficulties are much more than those we saw at the beginning, especially in the financial sector.

I wish I had better knowledge, advice and guidance so that the individual steps could be better funded and we could have more time and energy for the creative work that is needed.

4. What’s one key piece of business advice you’ve learned?
-I consider continuous adaptation and learning to be particularly important. In the business world, change is constant and the ability to adapt is vital to success.

Markets, trends, technologies and consumer needs are constantly evolving. A company must be ready to adapt to these changes quickly and effectively.

This means that continuous training and skills development, monitoring market trends and understanding customer needs are vital to success.

In addition, the ability to embrace change and manage uncertainty is equally important. The business path is rarely straightforward and unforeseen situations can arise at any time. The ability to deal with setbacks with flexibility and creativity is necessary to move a business forward.

5. How do you build trust with potential customers on social media in such a heavily saturated industry like beauty?

-The green innovation is in Aegli΄s DNA and brings us new partnerships and synergies every day, which make the concept of Clean Beauty, that we stand for evolve and become more and more identified with the global need for "sustainability", which is already the new ultimate beauty trend in the digital world! This in itself creates trust in our audience, which we reinforce with educational content, honesty and authenticity, relationships and bridges based on our common interests around health, wellness, beauty and environment.
6.  What is your favorite ''Aegli-Premium Organics'' product and why?

-Over the last three years several of my favourite products have been shortlisted for major awards in several categories, and some of them have won awards! 

Among them is the best selling  anti-aging Rejuvenating Serum, with Natural Retinol, which was awarded in 2022 at the most important Greek beauty awards Prix de Beaute in the category "timeless facial skin cosmetics" .

We know retinol as a powerful anti-aging ingredient widely used in cosmetology. In our 100% organic, vegan, cruelty free and gluten free anti-aging facial serum, Natural Retinol, derived from the herb Medicago Sativa, offers 40% more collagen synthesis compared to common retinol, without the photosensitivity and phototoxicity of common retinol! This award-winning serum hydrates, stimulates collagen synthesis, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture and gives a rested and luminous appearance. With 3 molecular weight hyaluronic acid and 12 bioactive active ingredients certified by the international COSMOS standard, it is suitable for all skin types, for pregnant or breastfeeding women, for morning and evening, even under sun protection!

7. What are the secrets to your success?

-The love for my work, the study, the observation, the hard work, the interest for new stimuli, the support from my family and the good collaborations.

8. What's your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

-Vision, connection, team, team, resolution, creation, investment, work, risk, change, evolution, meaning, satisfaction.

9. Where do you see the brand in 5 years time?

-Our goal is to further strengthen the community of people who holistically perceive beauty as a result of good health, communication with the ecosystem, protection of animals and the environment, and inner balance.

In addition to developing new products, we want to expand our daily partnerships with people, research institutions and international organizations, and we want this connection to be transferred even more to the consumer, who is the vital part of the green chain that we are lovingly committed to in Aegli's journey.

Dr Errika Papavenetiou MD /  CEO Aegli-Premium Organics


Dr Errika Papavenetiou was born in Athens and graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens.

Since 2004 she has been practicing General Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Nutrition & Treatment of Obesity and Homeopathy in a private practice and since 2014 at the Women's Health - Embryogenesis multi-purpose centre, where she is the scientific head of the General Family Medicine, Nutrition, Metabolism & Treatment of Obesity department.

In 2017 she founded the first Greek 100% Clean Beauty organic cosmetic brand Aegli Premium Organics