We are HARITES, Greek goddesses and we are here to endow everyone with charm, beauty and self-love. HARITES came to this world with only one mission. To create essential beauty products for every skin type and tone.

As our world evolves, HARITES evolves too so that your skin can thrive effortlessly every day. 

HARITES is a constant manifestation for self-care consistency and evidence that beauty and healthy skin have no age, gender or stage in life.

That is why, at HARITES, we believe that beauty is timeless, it has no trends. Our products are designed to make you feel and look your best, so you can enjoy every step of your beauty journey.

Freedom and grounding are aspects of what we stand for. For us, beauty means diversity, transparency and fun.

HARITES aims to become your beauty closet's white T-shirt: a staple that never goes out of style.

Our charms bring out the best for the skin. By boosting your skin’s barrier, HARITES guards our skin from what we face every day. 

Protecting. Repairing. Restoring. Maintaining. 

A daily regimen that defends our skin’s barrier by shielding and hydrating it.

Our products use a complex of ingredients developed using biochemistry that work to protect our skin from everyday pollutants, sunlight, and irritants. 

Nourish your skin with HARITES and feel our formulas working like a charm. 




Made in greece

Up to 96% Natural Origin

Eco Conscious

Biodegradable formulas


Under European Regulation animal testing is banned since 2009.