Pirgos Mavromichali has opened its doors.

Our guests tell us that the renovation of our family’s historic stronghold has achieved a sublime balance of refined sophistication and naïve authenticity.  The centuries old Pirgos, or Tower Mavromichali, in the historic harbor of Limeni, Mani, is a miraculous time machine that whisks our guests away to a simpler place of rugged beauty, where the power of myth and history blend to form a magical corner of Greece, which is like no other place on earth. The charm and beauty of the sea and elegant simplicity of the surroundings, allows our guests to recapture something lost in our modern world.

Service, tradition, honor, and beauty are at the core of our family’s history, and are the cornerstones upon which the Pirgos Mavromichali was resurrected.

Here you will enjoy all the glory of historic Mani, where our world renowned “philoxenia” (love of our guests), promises to make your stay a treasured memory that you will want to enhance year after year.