'Tiane Tenui is a brand that recognises the importance of longevity, the nuances of elegance and the power of our feelings around purchasing something so unique and individual. At any given time there are only ever two bags made from the same materials and colour, as she prefers to explore the myriad of colours and textures, ensuring an authentic bespoke experience for each client.

Christiane believes that each bag should become a part of her client's daily lives, telling a personal story through the marks and impressions left over time.

She believes in the emotional connection her clients have with their bag — the way you feel when you carry it throughout your day, revealing in its handmade nature, an appreciation for the energy put into this special piece.

Receiving a 'Tiane Tenui piece is an experience in itself — the special feeling knowing that this piece was made for you and you alone – the elation of being able to call her your own.

A combination of both the past and the future of the brand with a clear reference
to the bespoke handmade nature of our handbags as well as subtle nod to hands
behind each stitch.

‘TIANE | derived from the last half of the makers name, Christiane Smit,  as a reference to the hands behind the brand.

TENUI | ‘手縫い’ Japanese for hand—sewn.