Maro Palamara Beautique is an online shopping platform created by Greek fashion and accessories designer Maro Palamara. Her 100% handmade collections are made from the finest yarns combining a variety of other ecologically friendly materials. Maro Palamara Beaurique also produces bespoke and one of a kind fashion products for fashion editorials, magazines, celebrities or individual clients with certain preferences, style & needs. 
Born in Athens, Greece on January 1988, Maro Palamara is a fashion designer and an experimental artist. Through a variety of activities, such as fashion design, styling and crocheting jewelry, as well as her broader engagement with art, makes us wonder whether her line of work can be integrated into a single spectrum. Her creativity motivates all aspects of her process: research, design and craft. As a designer, she uses craftsmanship to translate ideas into physical form. Each design is developed with a purpose that transcends the static quality of the material itself.