Kridemnon mean headscarf in Ancient Greek. The idea of Kridemnon started in Paris in 2017. Out of our love for the history and tradition of Greece came a need to create an accessory, a scarf that somehow embraced the grandness of the past of my birthplace. Scarves, hight symbole from the mythologie, inspired by the rich greek tradition, legend, custom, traditional embroidery…Motifs and compositions that are reminiscent of the sea, the island breeze, the deep blue and music from the lyre and violin ... and endless dancing...

An idea inspired by ancient times -by Homer, Platon, Aristotle, the comedies, the tragedies, the myths and legends-, is KRIDEMNON, the divine headscarf that saves Odyseus from the fury of Poseidon and carries him to the land of the Phaeacians.  Indeed, ever since ancient times the scarf has been an accessory that emphasized people’s joys and sorrows.

Our philosophy is to work on something that is timeless and classical, but that simultanuously appeals to and suits the needs of contemporary women and men. All our scarves and paréos are made in Italie, 100% silk and 100% cotton, HD print and hand made roulottage finishing. 

 We hope that KRIDEMNON will win your heart.

Eva Papadopoulou & Mickaelle chabat