It was in 2011, at the beginning of a summer holiday when accompanied by the warmth of the Greek sun and the dark blue of the Aegean sea, an idea was born; to combine the elegance of the silk with the strong culture of my birth country.

The Grecian Chic has two collections one inspired by everyday life and the other from history and mythology. Both collections feature silk scarves, pocket squares, and twills.

The “Classical” derives its source of inspiration from history, traditions, and even mythology! The “Grecian Life” is more whimsical representing everyday life in a comical way.

The main character is the Grecian Lady who travels around the islands and mountainous villages to pose next to cult male figures! Visits the biggest European cities and explores them through the eyes of a greek!

The Grecian Lady character was originally born in 2007 when Elena was asked to illustrate the windows of Hermes boutique in Athens and she designed 4 figures dancing.

All of the designs are to their finest detail hand pencil drawings on paper before color is added to bring them to life! The final drawings are digitally printed on 100% pure Twill silk and each scarf has a hand-rolled hemming finish. All products are made in England!
The Greek Design meets British Craftsmanship!

Grecian Chic has designed custom scarves especially for the Acropolis Museum of Athens, the Cyprus Museum of Nicosia, and for greek jewelry designers Liana Vourakis and Katerina Ioannidis.

Recently presented and sold a selection of silk scarves at the British Museum for the opening of the exhibition “Troy – myth & reality”. The pilots, air hostesses, and ground staff of Danish airline “Global Reach Aviation” wear silk scarves and ties specially designed by Grecian Chic.

owner & designer
Elena Zournatzi
, born and raised in Greece, has studied Graphic Design at Kingston University in London, and then took a Postgraduate 2D Cartoon Animation course at Central Saint Martins in London.

Over the last years, she has been designing motives for Museums in Greece and Cyprus -New Acropolis Museum, Goulandris Natural History Museum, Athens Concert Hall, SNFCC, Archaeological Museum of Nicosia- and collaborates with french Haute Couture Fashion House.

Her motives are printed in porcelain, textiles, and various paper products. She is also founder & owner of the “greek design” company: