Introducing D.R.O.P. S of Greece, a distinguished Greek cosmetic brand where timeless elegance meets modern skincare.

D.R.O.P.S of Greece * Powerful drops elevate women’s daily life.

The era of Skin Guardians.

Total Facial Skin Guardian by Drops of Greece is not another serum, cream, or toning lotion. It is a proactive skin care serum and a protective shield against time.

Designed to complete all skin needs, every day, for every skin type. It is aimed at both women and men.

An innovative skincare solution protects your skin from the very 1st reason of early skin aging: harsh environmental aging and daily environmental damage.

D.R.O.P.S prevents the daily inflammation of your skin (blue light, indoor pollution, outdoor pollution, cortisol stress, temperature conditions, dust, etc.).

At the same time, it provides your skin with all the necessary care, restoration, and nourishment that the skin needs at the end of the day.

Prevention - Restoration - Nourishment - Anti Aging - Protection.

The packaging of the product and its philosophy are inspired by Cycladic Art and Cycladic Culture, symmetry, and a good life philosophy.

The color of the packaging is harmoniously intertwined with the Greek Element, Modern Greece, Innovation, and Joy.

The vision of Drops is to protect, liberate, and empower women to find their true selves.

To Explore an infinite power that may lead you to the finer qualities of yourself and a step closer to who you are.

All our products protect without restriction, replace routines that require more time or excessive products, and ensure minimalism in your skin and your choices.

Clinically tested at University of Pavia, Parco Scientifico, Milano , Italy Certified for blue light, urban pollution, indoor pollution Cruelty-free Against animal testing Enviromental friendly production *Discover DROPSacronym: Daily Repair Optimize Protect Special Items.