Lilian Syrigou was born and raised in Athens and Syros - an island in the Cyclades, Greece. She studied Jewellery Design in MOKUME School and has been actively involved with art since 2005. After a very successful career in Athens, she made a life-changing decision to move to Berlin in 2012 in search for a place that could enhance the quality of her art. She carried her dreams and art to another country, only to evolve into an art of getting carried away.

Silver is her beloved material! She paints it, combines it with colourful ribbons, silk fabrics, lace, semi-precious stones, sequins and beads, materials that seem as boundless as her own imagination. Others buoyant sources of inspiration for her are sources that may have a whimsical quality, but are somehow tethered to reality as well. She is getting inspired by what she admires, what she loves, what she enjoys, or makes her feel like a child again, what makes her dream with the eyes wide open (one the day I’ll travel the world) and what brings her back to real life and its square logic (GEO).

Lilian reached artistic maturity in Berlin and started creating jewellery made OF gold-plated bronze, wood, applying minimality of shape. Lilian’s new projects, “GEO” and “One day I‘ll travel the world” bridges the gap between geography geometry and her necklace creations that depict or zoom in to places she has lived in, been to or wishes to visit someday. 

Discover her work at, in solo or group exhibitions, at selected stores and galleries, as well as in her workshop, in Berlin.