Kimalé is an innovative fashion brand that celebrates the “joie de vivre” of the global riviera. Established by Irène Mamfredos, a French designer (formerly assistant head of studio at Balenciaga) who envisioned a "slow fashion" brand with ethical criteria and a positive social footprint together with her friend and pattern-maker Aliki Demi.
Kimalé merges bold African fabrics -often handmade or rare- with clean and contemporary silhouettes.The label sources many fabrics from the French association "Les Piroguiers" which is active in Togo and Burkina Faso, helping schools with material and funds and supporting a number of local artisans. 
Limited edition clothes, jewelry and home accessories which playfully navigate between the colorful palette of African culture and the minimal side of contemporary fashion. Every item is made with love and craftsmanship in downtown Athens and represents a beautiful marriage of ethnic vibes and minimal shapes that can be worn and enjoyed in the city or in bohemian seaside resorts: Kimalé blooms wherever the sun shines!


Kimalé is a socially responsible brand, which strives to promote sustainable production by using among other, traditional African textiles, artisanal handicrafts combined with Greek crafts and concepts. The idea is to create timeless high quality pieces in responsible stock volumes, following a slow fashion philosophy.

Kimalé is a philosophy in itself, bringing together the beauty of  contemporary design with traditions and techniques from Greece, France and  Africa in an ethical and modest way.

Kimalé in its ongoing journey towards the creation of an ethical brand, is continually experimenting, innovating and investing in detail. Together, we believe we can bring about change and spark a movement.

Sustainable fashion is as much about the process as it is about the result. As clothing is continuously being devalued in our contemporary world, the fashion industry has a responsibility to engage in more ethical procedure.