Joanna Cave is a jewellery designer whose elegant creations have managed to garner the respect of the industry and attract press attention across Europe. Her unparalleled style is informed by tradition, yet exudes an air of modernity and refined aesthetics, which is treasured by those who value simplicity and elegance. 
Joanna was born in London to Greek and English parents and grew up on a remote Aegean island. Her upbringing in Greece has largely influenced her work, and the cultural references are always identifiable in her timeless creations. 
Her artistic flair was evident from a young age, leading her to a foundation course at Central St Martin’s and a degree in Jewellery Design at Middlesex University. Securing an internship with fashion jeweller Scott Wilson was an inspiring start to her career. 
Returning to Athens, Joanna set up her own studio where she explored the concept of sustainability. 
Today she uses recycled silver and ethically sourced pearls and exhibits at ‘Estethica’, London Fashion Week, as well as in Paris. The ‘Joanna Cave’ room she designed for the Fashion House Hotel in Athens showcases her versatility and signature aesthetic, perfectly captured in the custom-made furniture and wallpaper. Her collections manage to strike a balance between boldness and delicateness. 
Although her patterns are evocative and intricate, the result is effortless and light. Joanna’s inspired designs have appeared in a number of publications including Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, The Evening Standard and The Guardian.