I am Christina Ioannidou, born in Greece 29 years ago and grew up there. 

I have been involved in the arts and Jewellery design since I was little and have been living in London since 2010. 

I have studied Fashion Jewellery in London College of Fashion and my work is focused on Artefacts and jewellery techniques.

I enjoy experimenting with different shapes and techniques. My last collection was 'Prosopon' which consists of five masks that adorn the head and each is inspired by a chosen muse. All pieces are made of leather and metal that were cut and formed by hand combined with real fox and mink fur that was provided to me through a sponsorship won by Saga Furs company, in Denmark.

My work is a result of many years of searching about who I am artistically and also a realisation of which elements always grabbed my attention.

My research was based on traditional costumes worn in ceremonials around different countries. Main focus was costumes that define the identity of the wearer and deliver a message to the viewer. I chose muses-figures and created one piece for each muse.