Pistachios come from one of the oldest flowering nut trees on earth, used first by ancient queens for their nourishing and rejuvenating skin benefits. 
Pistachio oil is cold pressed from the pistachio nut; it is emerald green in colour and has an aromatic, assertive but subtly sweet scent and flavour. Pistachio oil has a powerful, sweet flavour and it claims to form an important source of protein, fats and minerals. The rich oil also contains a powerful dose of phytosterols that have been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed in the body.
Pistachio oil has a very well balanced ratio of Omega-9 and Omega-6 (essential fatty acids) and it is a natural, rich source of biotin.  
Pistachio oil is used in cosmetics industry as it is known for its emollient and moisturizing benefits. Combined with various essential oils it makes the perfect treatment both for skin and hair. Our products guarantee excellent quality as well as immediate and visible results concerning hair loss or skin dehydration.
Pistachio and skin
The main ingredient of Pistacia Natura's new natural cosmetics series is pistachio oil. Our face and body products are enriched with pistachio oil which contributes effectively to the skin's hydration. Pistachio oil nourishes the skin, leaving it extremely smooth and silky. It is naturally infused with demulcent properties which tend to have highly hydrating and smoothening effects on the skin. It also contains a variety of potent antioxidants that tend to neutralize free radicals, a chief culprit behind premature aging and in ensuring soft and silky skin for a longer time.
Pistachio and hair
Pistachio oil is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E which stimulate the growth of healthy strands. It also contains a considerable amount of biotin which helps combat hair loss effectively. With Pistacia Natura's complete hair treatment series your hair will be strong, shiny and silky. Containing pistachio oil and various essential oils our products guarantee strong and healthy hair without any oiliness, flakes or hair loss.
Aegina island
Pistachios growing in the Greek island of Aegina are of excellent quality as the climate conditions as well as the soil's composition are ideal for its cultivation. For these reasons in 1996 the name “pistachio of Aegina” was registered in the official European Union gazette as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).