Philab is a skin care manufacturing company founded in Greece in 2010.Philab’s mission is to create the most effective and high quality skin care products, without limiting the formulation cost, using the most effective and innovative active ingredients from all over the world.


The Greek letter Φ (Phi) stands for the divine proportions, the golden ratio 1.618, also known as ‘the number of beauty’. The golden ratio is found in nature and has been applied in various fields in life from the antiquity to
the present. Our laboratory (lab) is governed by the phi concept in order to create efficacious, quality and safe formulations.
The efficacy of Philab products is due to the following three reasons:
1. Use of active ingredients with clinical studies which prove  efficacy.
2. Use of clinically active ingredients in all Philab products exclusively the concentration of their clinical studies.
3. Use of high number of clinically active ingredients in each product, rendering them multi-functional and most effective.
Each Philab product is formulated with the most advanced and active ingredients which come from leading laboratories from all over world. Many of the active ingredients which used in Philab products are on studies that received Nobel Prizes in Medicine and Chemistry, and also many international awards such as:
• European Cosmetics Innovation Award
• Swiss Technology Award
• Health and Beauty America Technology Award
• Tomas Alva Edison Patent Award
Philab products are produced in Greece in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
Philab products are free of parabens, mineral oil derivatives (i.e paraffin,petrolatum, etc.), propylene glycol, animal derivatives, allergen and synthetic colorants.
Special attention has been paid to the appropriate packaging of products which are all packed in special violet glass containers.
Although Philab has been operating since July 2010, it has already won awards:
1. Prix de Beaute 2012, Greece, organised by the Greek version of Beaute magazine.
2. Ermis Silver Award 2012, Greece, for the packaging of products, organised by the Hellenic Association of Advertising –Communication Agencies.
3. Hiiibrand Merit Award 2011, China, for the packaging of products, among 1103 participations from 40 countries worldwide.