Mirepsos is the modern, fragrant space created in 2008 at the hip Ano Ladadika area.Eleni and Androniki Zoniou brighten and refresh our daily lives by unraveling the secrets of fragrances, based on years of experience working with scents.
Delicate French Lothantique, fine Amelie & Melanie and one of the oldest soap makers of Marseilles, Marius Fabre, are showcased here with the aim of offering a sense of wellbeing and relaxation through their natural and organic bath creams, lotions, moisturizing oils, shampoos and bath salts.
Hand made soaps, spa products, sponges and loofahs work together with 100% pure essential bath oils to revive and heal.
The earth friendly mentality extends to home fragrance products through a wide range of candles, sticks, sprays and pot-pourris that create a heavenly scented atmosphere.
And you can count on Mathilde M. to give an angelic touch to your personal moments with bathroom essentials, scented stones, closet sachets, room oils, shoe and underwear cloth cases, storage boxes but also cosmetics.
The journey does not end here though!
Right beside the fragrant French countryside of Leblanc and lavender, we have the mastic of Chios, the scents of Mytilene, flowers and spices that make up for fine perfumes.
…A journey of a thousand paths filled with heavenly scents!