The progeny of generations of pharmacists, Mastic Spa Creator, Ioannis Sodis grew up in Chios to become a chemist and pharmacist himself. Over an 80-year period, his family opened a series of successful pharmacies – the first, called Sodis, opened in Constantinople in 1875; the second in Egypt in 1939 and finally one in Chios in 1955.

A proud and civic-minded Chian, Ioannis ran the family’s Chios pharmacy, served in public life at various times as Mayor, a Member of Parliament and President of the Chian Pharmaceutical Society and whole-heartedly embraced his fellow Chians passion for mastic. Today, the state-of-the-art Sodis Laboratories in Chios continue to conduct extensive mastic research and develop groundbreaking products that combine the age old benefits of mastic with the latest scientific findings. Equipped with modern technology for production as well as packaging, the laboratories are staffed with employees who receive ongoing training on mastic research developments to create mastic products that will service the needs of modern women everywhere.