1. Your collection is excellent. What's your inspiration?

-My inspiration lies in our roots! I am an archaeologist and I love Greece. So the Ancient Greek art inspires me the most. The Greek landscape, especially the sea, spawned an important collection. The human relationships also are always in my soul.

2. You work your own business in the middle of a crisis. How does it feel?

-There is a lot of stress, because I need to work harder to achieve my goals, but my work gives me energy, hope and a vision.

3. Are you an optimist person? Do you think there is light in the end of the tunnel eventually?

-Of course, if I wasn't an optimist I wouldn't have started one of the most difficult works in the middle of a crisis. There is a light in the end of the tunnel for everyone who insists to see it.

4.What is Greece to you?

-Greece is a way of thinking about life. It is the light, the sea, the olives; the smell and the feeling of our unique past is all over the air. It's part of our soul. It is a pity that the new generation of Greeks, doesn't appreciate Greece as much! Greece deserves deserves more and we should all give our best!

5.Share with us a perfect restaurant in Athens, a place you would propose to your friend from abroad...

-For a more modern one, the view of the Acropolis from the Galaxy restaurant on the roof top of the Hilton is unique. I also like very much to eat at Oikeio, a cosy place at Kolonaki.

6. Five things of Greece you can't live without?

-The sun, the sea, the great villages, the good mood of the parea, the smell of thymari on the mountains.

7. What are your next business goals?

-To be in more places abroad. Especially as my jewels reflecting the shadows of our past are very much appreciated by philhellenes in so many countries.

8. A chic woman in her closet should always have....?

-A nice waisted blazer.

9. Your perfect winter -summer holidays in Greece should be in.......?

-Mani, as well as the Cycladic islands.

10. The secret of being so sexy, creative and shinny like you? Tell us the secret!

-I am a visionary and a passionate person.. a wife who loves immensely her husband, a mother who absolutely adores her kids.

(Polina Sapouna Ellis is on of the top jewellery designers in Greece).