1.What is Greece to you? Its just the memory of a sunny place,or its something more than that? 

-Greece is about family and friends. Most of my mother's side lives in Greece (Thessaloniki) and although I relish the sun, the beaches, the food and natural beauty of Greece, they are all secondary  to my reconnecting with my family and friends.

2.Are you a ''kalofagas''??
-Of course, I seek (crave) to try the best of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. I love food, preparing it for family and friends, sharing my experiences and I am always hungry for the next delicious meal. I have the belly to prove it. As they say, "never trust a skinny chef"!

3.The best things in life are.........?

-Your health, laughter, to love and be loved. 

4.What are the things you would like to change in a typical greek restaurant? ?

-To not allow smoking, I wish more Greek restaurants would support and use Greek products/ingredients, feature more regional cuisine rather than the usual taverna favourites. 

5.Hungry? in which resto you should take your friends to eat?

-Always hungry and when in Greece, I would take my friends to a seaside taverna ordering patates, kolokithakia tiganita, a Horiatiki, mussels saganaki, grilled octopus, fried anchovies, grilled sardines, horta, share a large grilled fish with some Tsipouro on ice or a Greek wine. The evening would end with a platter of watermelon. So simple but when fresh (seasonal), unbeatable!

 6.Your next business goals are....?

-Produce more videos for the internet, have some cooking/travel shows come to life, work on my next cookbook, become a well-known Greek food personality.

7.Your favorite Greek place for summer holidays?

-Our summer home is in Halkidiki. Thessaloniki is nearby if I am in the mood for some "trela" or venture to one of the many gorgeous beaches in the region. I do try to visit a different part of Greece each year but Halkidiki is my second home (after Canada) 

 8.Your secret of having a great time..Tell it now!

-Small group of very good friends who love good food and drink, spirited conversation, music in the background and make everyone take off their watches. The desire to lose track of time and enjoy the moment.

9. Five things of greece you couldn't really live without? Greek olive oil, Feta, honey, Oregano, olives, sea salt...

10.Why the best chefs are men?? Explain that to me!

-Chef is the French term for chief,  leader in the kitchen. The best chefs are men but the best cooks are our mothers. aunts, grandmothers, sisters. We owe it all to them!

11.If i asked you to cook for me..(!) what's the menu that would leave me speechless?

 -Ouzo-cured salmon canapes, homemade bread, grilled calamari or lobster salad with citrus dressing, Lobster Pasta, Feta cheesecake, fruit...all washed down with Greek wine. Dinner ends with Mastiha liqueur on ice with lemon.