I am a young entrepreneur, founder and editor-in-chief at Closet on the Go. I studied International Relations in Athens and moved to the UK in 2001, where I first studied for an MSc in Banking at the University of Reading and later for an MSc in Risk Management at Cass Business School. During my studies I started working in retail, and soon after I found myself in Harrods running the most exclusive department. I was lucky enough to work with most renowned fashion designers such as Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Casadei and Dolce & Gabbana while our clientele included international celebrities, footballers and VIP’s.
In 2011, I decided to return to Greece because I could not resist being away from my country. No matter how troubled the times were and still are, I want to support it to best of my abilities. I believe that changes should be welcome and that new ideas and positive attitude can turn the country around. 
So, when I returned I had no idea what I wanted to do, until it hit me while I was unpacking my stuff. I had the need of an online closet where I could view and manage my items, no matter where in the world I was. Meanwhile, during my studies I read Marie Antoinette’s biography, where I was impressed by the fact that the queen had a wardrobe book, which contained sketched patterns, fabric swatches and descriptions of every single ensemble she had in her wardrobe. Using pins to indicate her choices, the enchanting queen used this book to preplan what she would wear for her morning dressing, her afternoon undressing and for the evening festivities. So, as soon as the need emerged, the solution clicked! This lead to the birth of Closet on the Go and the idea of carrying the contents of your wardrobe around with you, whether that be on your phone or tablet.
Closet on the Go
So what does ClosetontheGo do? Well, it’s a platform where you can create your online closet by uploading pictures of your items and use the ‘Dressing Room’ to style your own outfits whilst also matching your items with potential new pieces you see online or while out shopping. You can then share them with your friends, ask for their opinion and have fun.It enables you to become your own personal stylist instantly by creating your different looks whilst on the go. Whether you need to plan ahead for that important meeting or for that special occasion, you can simply select the items from your online closet, your wishlist or from a new discovery online and save it. There are over 500 brands and 30,000 products to choose from and either create an Outfit, add it to your Style Calendar or your Holiday Planner which are all aspects of the application you will get to know about when you start the development of your online closet. 
What does the future hold?
The future is even brighter and closet on the go is only the start of realizing the ideas that I currently have. I am very lucky to share the same passion with my team and am in constant search for similar minded people, who can inspire us all. I really love fashion and my personal moto is “Fashion is a way of expression without words”, so use it to brighten your lives, to make each moment as beautiful as it should be.