Caroline Rovithi answers in 10 questions...
1.What is Greece to you?
"Heaven on earth! my home! A blessed beautiful country like no other."

2.Tell us one place we should go this summer in Greece!
Really hard to choose! If it is someones first time in greece I would suggest : Santorini , Mykonos , Kefallonia.

3.The best things in life are.........
"FREE!! Enjoying the warmth of the sun on a beautiful beach. Being in Love. Laughing with friends.Spending quality time with family.Having a happy loving dog licking your face when you come home."

4.What song has the sountrack of your life?
"Supergirl" Reamonn"...

5.Hungry? In which resto you should take your friend from abroad?
"I would choose a nice taverna or a restaurant in Plaka with traditional greek cuisine and of course a view at the Acropolis."

6.A hotel that made you feel like home?.
"Astra suites in Santorini ("

7.Your next trip will be ..where?
"I would like to reawaken my soul in Africa!"

8.Your secret of having a great time....Tell it now..
"Letting my self go ... be in love!"

9. Five things of Greece you cant live without?
"The sea, the sun, the greek summer, the food & my friends!"

10. Which is your favorite spot of the city you live?
"Vouliagmeni : high up over the lake watching the sun dive into the horizon.".....