The boutique hotel Porto Vitilo is located in Itilo, a traditional seaside village in the region of Mani in southern Greece. Mani is a beautiful, historical region expanding in the prefectures of Lakonia and Messinia, in the Peloponnese.

Porto Vitilo manages to combine a perfect location – opposite Taygetos mountain and right next to the sea- and the traditional warm Greek hospitality, offering you the chance to spend your summer or winter holidays in Greece, in a luxurious sea view hotel. 

Porto Vitilo, this impressive hotel in Itilo, is built according to the traditional local architecture, with the elements of wood, stone and marble being very prominent in its structure.

Lying in complete harmony with the natural landscape and the environment, this beautiful sea view boutique hotel in Lakonia first opened its doors in 1997, with 24 rooms, while in 2009, 21 new rooms and suites were added.

Each accommodation is decorated with a unique style, inspired in a country-chic atmosphere with a mediterranean flair.

Winter Holidays in Greece

Porto Vitilo hotel in Mani Lakonia is open throughout the year and invites you to enjoy luxurious summer or winter holidays in Greece, in the beautiful traditional village of Karavostasi in the Peloponnese.


Mountain Holidays in Greece

Porto Vitilo, this striking boutique hotel in Itilo, is ideal for your mountain holidays. Under the mountain of Taygetos and on the peaceful bay, it offers amazing accommodation, unique view, exclusive services and warm hospitality.

It is guaranteed that this boutique hotel will be your home away from home! .

Traditional Villages in Peloponnese

One of the most charming, wildly beautiful, powerful in its imagery, mysterious and inviting places in Greece, Mani is undoubtedly a very special place. What prevails is the architecture, which projects the land’s strong, dominating character.

The access is very easy, within only 3.5 hours from Athens, through an impressive terrain. Itilo, Karavostasi, Areopoli, Stoupa, Kardamili and Gytheio are considered some of the most picturesque villages in southern Peloponnese, attracting thousands of visitors every year, who come here to spend their holidays, during the summer or the winter time.

Impressive Sea View Hotel in Itilo

Porto Vitilo boutique hotel offers luxurious accommodation in its beautifully appointed rooms and suites, characterized by a country-chic mood, unique decorative details, rich colors and Mediterranean finesse.

It has large verandas all around, enjoying beautiful views of Karavostasi, Itilo and the bay’s calm waters, which reflect the mountain’s shadow.

An ideal place for couples, families and groups of friends who seek for someplace really special to spend their weekends or long-term holidays. Porto Vitilo boutique hotel in Mani Lakonia promises its guests a warm welcome and the most unforgettable holidays.

Escape the ordinary in Lakonia Peloponnese

Just few minutes from the capital of Mani, Areopoli, Itilo is the ideal starting point to further explore Lakonia and Messinia, in the southern part of Peloponnese.

The terrain is wild and beautiful with mesmerizing mountain views and access to small beaches and bays.

Mani is considered an "open" museum, as it hosts some of the most important historical monuments in Greece, like the Dekoulou Monastery which was built in the 18th century. Numerous byzantine churches, unique traditional villages, Frankish castles and secluded sandy beaches complete this very unusual, fascinating region.

Diros Cave

Finally, the Diros cave, full of amazing forms of stalactites and stalagmites, located near Itilo, is one of the most popular destinations and bound to captivate all visitors. Part of the cave is underwater and visitors tour through it in gondola-like boats.

All this create the perfect image of a memorable holiday get away.