Plastira’s Lake, a dreamland meaning serenity, wilderness and a great romantic feeling. No matter what season you choose to visit it, you will be offered lavishly impressive landscape and endless opportunities for enjoyment and wellness. We choose this particular region to create the Kazarma Lake Resort  & Spa with stone and wood having in mind the absolute respect to the surrounding area and an unforgettable experience as far as your stay is concerned.The Kazarma Lake Resort & Spa offers comfortable luxurious rooms and spacious suites which have excellent furniture and decoration creating a particularly hospitable atmosphere.Our restaurant serving delicate and mainly traditional plates, our café and bars with a spectacular view of the Lake, some of the pools or the Spa and the 24hour room service guarantee that your stay will be perfectly completed.Everybody here in the Kazarma Lake resort and Spa are committed to do. Whatever is possible so as your potential stay would be enjoyable and unforgettable.