Maroula has radically changed her life considering that she chose to fall passionately in love with the art of jewellery leaving behind the possibility of the career as a Greek teacher. When she finally realised that all the courses in manufacturing jewellery she had already attended as a spare time activity were amateurish, she was surprised to find that it had already taken such a place in her life; bigger than she could ever imagine. Then there was one way only that led forward! She applied for the only goldsmithing course existing in Athens, where from she graduated in two years' time. With the diploma in hand she escaped to London to do a post-graduate degree in Gemology at GIA. At some point Maroula returned to Athens to try and secure her place in the greek market. 
Her designs are resulting from a very personal effort as she designs and manufactures them all from scratch using mostly gold and silver without turning her back to precious stones or other natural materials thus being solely responsible of every little detail. She has a soft spot for custom orders; her way of making dreams and wishes come true. During this financial hardship that Greece and the world are going through at the moment, Maroula is working harder than ever, being strong and stubborn as always and with never-ending love for her work. Her collections can be found at boutiques and museum shops in Athens for now as well as online at and her facebook fan page.