MALIYA’s  Accessories Collection is all about Plexi-glass and the Mirror Effect!

A funky mix of the rock and the glam, the pop and the fun along with her statement –signature design- the moustache, create the platform of the four multi diversive collections full of color and sparkle and inspiration !!


The hit design is still around this season! New colors and shapes along with many friends “on a moustache”!

Gotham City, stars of the 80’s, our favorite Looney Tines heroes and many others all PUT ON A MOUSTACHE !!

Oversized accessories, statement jewelry, sharp lines and dark colors, in killer combinations of gold and silver mirror effect materials, rock details and glam-punk elements in “chic” wrap up!

Unique designs for a striking effect and a hot look !

Sharp knives, guns and oversized keys, among others are all crossed under MALIYA’s inspiration for a shiny plexi necklace and ring. Impressive and one of a kind, once you wear it you feel sure no one CROSSES YOU !!

An all time classic collection updated throughout the season. Words and phrases, sayings and motos with a special meaning for each and every one of us

Fresh colors and designs, in a piece of jewelry with a personal and/or private message!

Make a statement without having to say a single word !