My name is Erica Leftheri and i am a young designer working and living in Athens. Apart from being a jeweler i have a degree in interior design. I take inspiration from nature, geometrical shapes and everyday life!

My dream came true!

Ever since I was a child, I've always enjoyed making things with my hands!
Jewelry creation came into my life since my childhood, by creating bracelets or necklaces for me and my friends. After graduating from high school I decided to study interior design, another big love of mine! Of course I never forgot jewelry design, so after getting my degree, I decided to learn more about jewelry design/creation, by taking classes and seminars. 
Brass is my favorite material that I am using for all my designs! It's awesome how you can transform a simple piece of brass into a lovely jewelry! Also I am a fan of semi-precious stones that I am often using! I am trying to enrich my knowledge by learning new techniques and experimenting with them! In 2012 I took the chance and made my dream come true by creating Erica Leftheri jewelry and at the same time I opened my Etsy shop! I've always loved Etsy, and I am grateful that I am a part of this family! It's been a wonderful experience and I am really thankful to all my customers and fans! Thank you all!