Here, where the natural and insurmountable Cycladic light dominates. Here, where reality is magical and becomes a life experience. It includes a variety of cultural elements blended with refined luxury in its spaces, revealing the true meaning of Cycladic hospitality and creating a combination consisting of smiles, history, location and tradition. The 35 rooms of Kensho have been designed by famous architect and feature designer furniture from Kenneth Cobonpue and Patricia Urquiola.

Kenshō consists of 10 suites and 25 rooms, each one with its own unique design and features. Every single corner of Kenshō has its own breath and vitality. Since the first days of operation it generously spreads its positive mood and makes people happy. It carries a sense of confidence, comfort and luxury in an ideal way. It is as if it requires you to follow the road to paradise, a road that leads to relaxation and rejuvenation. It alerts one’s thoughts, aiming at resting and detoxing you from the pressure and stress of everyday life.