From the moment it opened its doors fifty years ago, Electra Palace Thessaloniki won a special place in the hearts of the city’s residents and visitors alike.

An integral part of Aristotelous square imposing scenery, it is one of the most well-known landmarks of Thessaloniki.

It enjoys the advantage of being next to the waters of the Thermaikos Gulf, with a striking view of the legendary Mount Olympus at distance.

Everything that matters in this city is accessible on foot: the shopping district, the International Exhibition Center, major monuments and museums, the hip Ladadika area, and, just across the street, the Olympion cinema that hosts the renowned Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

Business meetings, trade shows, cultural and culinary experiences, or nightlife – no matter what you are after, this is your ideal base. 

And though this place is heavy with history, it never stops moving forward. Following a recent complete makeover, the Electra Palace Thessaloniki evolved into an enchanting proposition that bridges elegantly past and future, creating a fusion that is hard to resist.

Its privileged position naturally remains the same – and so does the architectural majesty of the building itself,  an eclectic synthesis of eye-catching classical and Byzantine elements.

What has developed beyond expectations is the gamut of advanced on-premise amenities and the extreme focus on aesthetical brilliance. 

Essentially, the hotel has developed into a vibrant, living exhibition of different art forms. Our collaboration with Momus has breathed life into distinctive artistic expressions that make their presence felt everywhere. 

Throughout the hotel, selected furniture pieces by some of the world’s most gifted designers are featured alongside works signed by some of the biggest names in the Greek art scene. In parallel to that, the curvy corridors display a rare private collection of copies of the Kostaki collection of Russian Avant-garde works.

The same focus on high aesthetics continues into the guest rooms, where every little detail – from lighting to fabrics to bathrooms- is the result of special order commissioned to a selected team of designers.

And this is only a part of the story, as extreme comfort, high-end equipment, and a breathtaking view jump into the scene to create the ideal base you never thought existed.