Welcome to Bright Blue Villas, a luxury villa rental company in Greece delivering inspiring holiday experiences for the independent-minded, savvy traveler, who want to discover the authentic, intimate side of Greece from the privacy of a luxury villa rental.

Greece is a blessed country with an irresistible mix of natural beauty. The Greek islands, approx 6.000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas are a unique phenomenon in Europe- every single one of them has its own distinct topology and character. Santorini has gained systematic recognition as World's Best Island, whereas Mykonos is the ultimate jetsetter destination. With a lacework of beaches and magical bays, bright blue waters, whitewashed cubist houses, impressive ancient towns and vibrant nightlife, they offer guests lifetime opportunities for escape and relaxation. By choosing one of our Bright Blue Villas you can stay connected and close to all the action, if you so choose, but separate enough, if you decide to unplug completely and discover some of the lesser known destinations.

With our dedicated Bright Blue Villas concierge teams on the islands, our clients are given insider travel tips and are presented with natural, unforced opportunities for experiential travel, encompassing everything from sports adventures to gastro-getaways and magical once-in-a-lifetime moments that money can’t easily buy.

Let us suggest unique encounters with Greece’s culture, ancient history and its people; grab the opportunity to mingle with the locals, either by attending a traditional neighborhod festival or a gallery opening; follow your gastronomic passions by tasting the culinary specialties and have top local chefs give you Greek cooking master classes during your stay; go back to history and follow the archeologists through a day of excavations in one of our ancient sites; for those who love the adrenalin-charge, extreme adventure water experiences await you, before you can relax in one of our unique properties.

We strongly believe that memories are what matters now to the well-heeled luxury travelers, and though our holiday villa concept, we would like to create new types of immersive, themed experiences that focus on satisfying the quest for new horizons, for learning and for socially conscious travel.