Born in Greece, Ariadne Kapelioti is a jewellery designer who has been trained as a physicist, a metalsmith and an architect.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Masters of Advanced Design in Architecture from Aristotle University.

In addition, she completed jewellery design and fashion contextual studies in London, at London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design. A keen interest in the creative process has led Ariadne towards extensive research and development into jewellery construction and a greater multidisciplinary design philosophy.

Having a background in physics and only later turned to the world of fashion and jewellery design, she founded the first Greek jewellery brand embracing advanced 3D printing technology.

Formerly known as SUPERLORA, Ariadne launched her eponymous label in 2021.

With the use of advanced digital technology and flawless craftsmanship, our jewellery is created in a conscious way following strict waste codes, while none of the processes, materials, or coatings contain products of animal origins.

ARIADNE KAPELIOTI contemporary jewellery is giving material form to something big, deep and eternal; mathematics has an intrinsic aesthetics and its truths are eternal.