In the sun-drenched land of Greece, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern innovation, two friends, both chemical engineers by profession, decided to embark on a journey to create something truly unique driven by their shared love for nature and sustainability.

This is their story turned their vision into reality, building a brand that not only celebrates natural beauty but also champions authenticity. 

Join us as we explore the origins, the ethos, and the remarkable journey of ''Aphaea''.


About Aphaéa Wellbeing
Inspired by the Cyclades, a sanctuary nestled in the lap of the Aegean, our journey begins with a commitment to purity, sustainability, and the dazzling combination of natural beauty and wellbeing. We become one with the Greek beauty and the elements of nature and the sea.

Our Origin
Born from the vision of two friends and chemical engineers, Aphaéa Wellbeing goes beyond the realm of simple beauty products. We are dedicated to crafting experiences that merge the essence of Greek natural beauty with modern wellness practices.

Ingredients, Sustainable Approach, Wellbeing.

Natural Ingredients with Scientific Enhancement
Our formulations are based on natural ingredients that incorporate the tradition and wisdom of the local culture. When necessary, we add a dose of science to enhance the action of the products, always aiming for the perfect harmony between nature and science.

Our list of ingredients is very carefully selected to give immediate efectiveness to the skin, always using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

Waterless Formulation
In the formulation of our products, we avoid the use of water and replace it with fruit/plant extracts to protect water resources. This “waterless” approach is not just a trend, but a permanent goal that responds to growing concerns about sustainability and environmental protection.
Zero-Waste and Eco-Friendly Packaging
We choose zero-waste-oriented ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. An important message about caring for the planet and commitment to environmental sensitivity.
Holistic Wellbeing
At Aphaéa Wellbeing, we believe that true wellbeing is a multi-sensory journey. Every aspect of the experience with our products is designed to revitalize the senses and help you connect with yourself. Our philosophy goes beyond simple product properties, holistically embracing harmony and creating an oasis where beauty and wellbeing blend harmoniously.

Our three signature products are designed to provide holistic hydration and protection, ensuring you feel uniquely nurtured and revitalized.
Body Oil - A dry body oil containing a wonderful blend of Greek oils. It is non-greasy and fast absorbed, rejuvenating the skin while also providing antioxidant protection. Perfect for nourishing hair, the distinct fragrance of ripe figs and Greek herbs creates a sensation of calm.
Luminous Oil - A dry oil that gives the skin a golden glow. It nourishes and revitalises skin and hair, resulting in a radiant appearance. The perfume of geranium, orange, and vanilla stimulates the senses.
Face Mist - Mastic water and olive fruit water are used in this face mist to provide revitalising and antioxidant benefits. It hydrates profoundly without requiring water, so maintaining the epidermal barrier. Aloe juice and niacinamide stimulate the skin, shrink pores, and fight oiliness.
Creates a balanced and fresh appearance.