We are committed to protecting our beaches by keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.  

Buy Better, Buy Less

The concept of the travel towel means buying one towel that is compact, lightweight and doesn't take-up any space. Whether it’s for a weekend trip to the coast or a camping holiday in the mountains, Anaskela travel towels offer the perfect versatility no matter where your next adventure takes you.


Anaskela towels are soft, absorbent, quick-drying, sand-free, and quite simply, the ultimate travel accessory. But style and function aside, we are also proud of the fact that each towel’s unique textile composition is made using fibres made from recycled PET bottles. Think about it: each Anaskela towel removes plastic bottles from a landfill or the ocean and re-purposes them into your towel. 

Towel Care

Washing synthetic fibres can leave residual micro-fibres in your washing machine that filter back into the water system and end up in the ocean. So when washing your towel, (and any other synthetic clothing), we recommend you use a laundry bag such as this one from Guppy Friend. Also, as with most clothes, it is sufficient to wash your towel on 30 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) and only wash when really needed, for minimal impact on the environment. 

Beach Clean-Ups

Another element of our commitment to the environment is organising beach clean-ups. Our first is at Falassarna beach in Crete on July 19th. This clean-up is in collaboration with Dedisa A.E. and supported by Plastic-Free Greece. For more information or for help organising a clean-up, please drop us an email. Watch this space for upcoming cleanups in your area.