The Unleashed Project

Unleashed is a therapeutic, social art project.  It is an explorative journey into one’s mind, body and spirit that empowers and enables one to express, love and accept oneself from the inside out by promoting body positivity and a celebration of holistic beauty. 


​108 individuals identified as woman, ages 18-90, of all sizes, shapes, colors, diverse lives and socio-economic backgrounds were interviewed to be participants of this paradigm shift. Melissa Vlahos created a welcoming safe space and led each woman on a journey into herself.  Through a guided meditation of mental imagery, body sensations, personal color theory and emotional flooding each participant fostered a newfound love for herself.  Cast in a new light, her body became a canvas of her own emotions as she thoughtfully applied paint as a tool of self-expression.  The energy contrived was documented through Vlahos’ lens via artistic photos & testimonial video of her individualized journey. Through this visceral experience the participant has created a new relationship with her inner critical voice that ripples out into her life and into the world.  Furthermore, an uplifting connection of oneness, connected through generations of healing and a desire for change allowable by celebrating inner beauty through art.    


The mission of The Unleashed Project is to continue to foster change and to impact and inspire all genders by exhibiting each of the 108 participants photos, their testimonials and The Unleashed Project documentary by touring it to neighborhoods, towns & cities across the United States.  Doing so brings a positive light of recognition to self-love, acceptance and body positivity across the globe. Not only is The Unleashed Project beautiful photographic art, it also creates awareness and dialogue surrounding the important cultural issues for all genders of body image/body dismorphia, societal expectations and norms, beauty standards and more. 

108 Women Unleashed

"Why 108? I chose to guide and document 108 woman’s journey and process individually through film and photographic art. By tuning in to this symbolically powerful number we can connect to our higher selves, weaving and intertwining us all together. Because, together we are stronger and more empowered, together we heal the feminine, together we get to be heard and decide what we believe true beauty is, together we erase body shame entirely and shift the paradigm."
~ Melissa Vlahos ~